Park City Psychotherapy Professional Services

Basic Therapy Stance

Psychotherapy is a process requiring deep and penetrating looks into who we are and how we became so. Once we understand ourselves and our partners at the deepest level we have built a foundation for lasting change. Cleaning up the past helps us clear up the future. My job, as I see it, is to help clients identify the subtle but powerful deeper causes, those patterns of coping and relating, that lie at the core of their difficulties, having accomplished that my job is to facilitate substantive conversation about the deeper issues. The deeper issues are revealed by looking at the attachment history of each partner and how those patterns bear on the current issues.

Marital Therapy

Much can be done to rebuild faltering relationships. The studies of Dr. John Gottman, (“America’s Relationship Expert”) at the University of Washington, are the foundation for my work with couples. Dr. Gottman’s work is scientifically sound. By using his methods I have been sucessful in helping many couples transform their relationship and discover a newfound love and commitment. ( Dr. Gottman says “under every complaint is a deep personal longing.” I also have studied at length Attachment Theory and its recent application to marital therapy. Attachment theory is the study of patterns of attachment that are developed in the young child but persist into later life. Attachment Theory has been buttressed by research in the last two decades in Affective Neuroscience, which is the study of how relationships change the brain.

Adult Individual Psychotherapy

As a student of Interpersonal NeuroBiology and Dr Dan Siegel, ( and Dr. Alan Schore ( I have studied “experience dependent brain change.” Our brains are remarkable in that with the right experiences they can change themselves to cope with life’s stressors in more adaptive ways. This, along with other bodies of knowledge, i.e. Attachment Theory, is at the core of the work we will do together.

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